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Hello and welcome! If you're interested in commissioning a digital illustration from me please read the following!

Commission Terms:

  • I only accept payments of real money through Paypal. You may use your Paypal account, bank account, or debit/credit card to pay the invoice.

  • You must pay for your commission in full before you receive your final image. However, payment plans are available so it is okay if you cannot pay in full up front.

  • A minimum payment is required before I start working on your pic.

  • These images are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise negotiated.

  • Please do not alter and/or claim to be the artist.

  • Please allow me some time to complete your picture. I do work full time. I will send you updates on your picture regularly.

  • DON’T complain about pricing. If you cannot afford it, don’t think it worth the money, or any such thing, simply find another artist who is in your price range.

Will Draw:

  • Dragons, animals, anthropomorphic, human characters

  • Just about anything with enough detail and reference

  • SFW (Safe For Work), family friendly, all age scenes

  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work), scenes containing adult content, violence, artistic nudity,  combat. (On a case by case basis!)

WON'T Draw

  • NO FREE REQUESTS (Pay me!!)

  • Rape or sexual abuse

  • Under-age characters in adult situations OR

  • NSFW of copyrighted characters/NSFW fanart

    • Example: Wings of Fire, Spyro the Dragon, etc...​

  • Certain fetish art, no scat, diaper, fart, (if unsure, just ask)


  1. The customer sends a detailed description of the image they want. If any reference materials such as screenshots or other images are available I'll need them! I want to get the details right for you!​

  2. I start with thumbnail sketches, quick rough drafts to brainstorm what the look of the image will be. Once the client decides on a thumbnail that they like best I will move on to rough sketch. 

  3. The rough sketch nails down the positioning and major details of the piece. It's here that big changes are easily made.

  4. After the rough, I do a 'clean sketch' where I tighten up the details of the piece as well as add more detail. Changes are still relatively easy to make depending on how large it is. 

  5. Once the details are finalized I begin the inking stage and the final line-work of the piece is done. Big changes to the work are more difficult at this stage.

  6. Once the inking is complete I start adding flat color, as in, no shading or effects. 

  7. After flat colors I add the shading, highlights, and texturing producing the final image. I send it for one final check by the customer, and if everything is satisfactory I send the final, full-sized image.

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