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Illustrations, Ref Sheets, and more!

Shop is open for business! Scroll down for pricing on various types of illustrations. Pricing is based on a $15 per hour wage. Please keep in mind that additional characters and highly complex designs will increase pricing at my discretion! If you have any questions reach out through my various social media channels.

Base Price:

  • Half-body: $30

  • Full-body: $60

  • Full Illustration: $120 (bg included)

​Style Pricing:

Please include +$15 for each ADDITIONAL character in the scene​

  • Line art: Base price

  • Flat Colors: +$5 per character

  • Simple Shading: +10 per character

  • Full Shading: +$30 per character

  • Complete Render: +75 per character


Simple linework

Flats Colors

Flat coloring with no shading

Simple Shading

Simple shading with little or no highlights or textures

Full Shading

Fully shaded with highlights and more textures.

Full Render

Full highlights and shading with complex detailing and texturing.

Ref Sheets:

Character sheets are charged similarly to the above. Each character view is a separate drawing. So a front view will have the price of $60 for a line drawing with each additional view adding +15. Willing to be more flexible on this, nude characters (unless they have a lot of detailed patterning/tattoos) will cost less than someone in a fancy outfit. Smaller cropped views of details will cost less than a full body (like eye or paw or prop views).


Comics will have a different pricing style based on the complexity of what the customer wants, how many pages, etc. and will need to be discussed.

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